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Mr. Guzman's Counseling Room

Sundance Elementary Counseling

Making Better People

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Mr. David Guzman

Hello everyone, I wanted to share a little about myself. I graduated from Yucaipa High School in 2007, then from The University of Redlands in 2011 with a BA in psychology and finally from California State University, San Bernardino in 2017 with an MS in Counseling and Guidance. I worked for Desert Sands Unified School District before starting with Beaumont Unified School District in 2019. 

I love school counseling! Working with our students and seeing them learn and grow is incredibly rewarding. I find myself so proud of each of our kids on a daily basis and am so excited to see the people that they will grow into.

Outside of school, I enjoy reading, cooking, running, exercise, hiking, rock climbing, and building Lego Star Wars toys. I enjoy these activities more when I get to do them with friends or family. 

My wife and I still live in Yucaipa. In March of 2022 we welcomed our son into the world and we couldn't be happier. 

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Counseling Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The mission of the Sundance Elementary School counseling program is the development of students' foundational abilities in the areas of emotional intelligence, problem solving, resilience, and self-agency through equitable access to a student-centered, data-driven, and community-informed, counseling program. Sundance Elementary believes students can be connected with opportunities to succeed, and tools to ensure that growth occurs in the presence of both success and failure.

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Our Vision

Sundance Elementary School students will exercise empathy, compassion, and resilience in their personal, professional, and academic lives. Students will have the capacity for self-reflection, self-improvement, and self-regulation. Students will be respectful, responsible and safe members of the global community and will contribute to the betterment of their learning, living, and working environments.

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What I do at Sundance

At Sundance Elementary we focus on the whole student. This, of course, means that students receive rigorous and relevant academic instruction. They are also challenged to become the best versions of themselves by receiving counselor-led Social Emotional Core Instruction and, in some cases, small group support for skill building. Click a button below for a counseling referral or consent form.

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Social Emotional Core Curriculum

Weekly Second Step Lessons

BUSD uses the Second Step Social Emotional Learning curriculum to teach students about Skills for Learning, Empathy and Respect, Emotion Regulation, and Problem Solving.

Small Group Counseling

Skill Based Learning Groups

Small groups are 6-8 week 30 minute interventions that aim to bridge gaps in social skills, coping skills, or study skills. Groups are tailored to meet student needs.

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Click the button below to access Second Step family resources.  A code should have come to you from your student after the first week of school. If you did not receive a code, please contact Mr. Guzman.

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Updates & Resources

Stay in the Know


CareSolace Community Referrals


CareSolace provides fast 24/7/365 assistance to connect students and families to the resources they need for their mental health regardless of insurance.

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Schools On Wheels


Schools on Wheels Provides Free year-round one-on-one online tutoring, Free backpacks, school supplies, Scholarship programs, Positive role models and mentorship.

Our Online Tutoring eliminates geographic boundaries to additional learning and academic support for students experiencing homelessness.

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Here's what some students and community members had to say about our counseling program

Dear Mr. Guzmin [Guzman]
On Wendays [Wednesdays] when you come and show us how to be usertif [assertive] and not to jump to concluseins [conclusions] it helps us be good.

A 3rd Grader

Dear MrGuzman
thanks for all you do you make a difference and we appreciate your hard work and dedication because you show me new skills to help me.

A 4th Grader

Agoo, agow.

Baby Guzman

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